Question: Where could I put 50,000 euros for maximum return?

Question: Where could I put 50,000 euros for maximum return?

I would like to invest 50,000 euros in a portfolio at risk to obtain a maximum return within 1 year (investment in September).

What are the different possibilities?



This question is worth asking a financial advisor at your bank.
A few leads, however:
- so-called "risky" investments are not those that provide the highest return. As their name suggests, these are speculative investments that can experience very strong upward and downward variations. If you enter the market at a time when their value has already increased significantly, the risk of losing your capital is that much higher.
It is recommended to choose discounted stocks which have a good prospect of catching up, or the average stocks of young companies in full growth. Find information in specialized financial journals.
- yield values ​​are generally more stable and secure. They do not allow capital gains to be made over short periods. An investment in shares is first and foremost a medium-term investment if you want to derive sufficient profit from it. If you are looking for return and relative security of your capital, it is better to turn to values ​​of companies that have proven themselves. Here again, it is advisable to train yourself by reading specialized newspapers and by following programs on investments, in particular on BFM Business.
- In general, be wary of those who promise you returns of 15% à la Bernard Madoff: there is usually behind a Ponzi pyramid...

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