Question: Is money dirty?

Question: Is money dirty?


"Money doesn't buy happiness" as the saying goes. But can money also make you ill? How unhygienic are coins and bills? Can they transmit diseases?

In fact, bills and coins can be "dirty." Pathogens such as influenza viruses can also adhere to them and be transmitted from person to person, for example on door handles. Paper money in particular is not sterile. Up to 3,000 different bacteria can romp around on a single bill. However, there is usually no risk of illness.

Theoretically, money can also have an allergic effect. 1 and 2 euro coins consist of 25 percent nickel. Around 10 percent of all women and around 1 percent of men suffer from a nickel allergy. You can pay with cash without hesitation, but a job at the cash register is not recommended.

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