Question: Is it interesting to close my PEL today?

Question: Is it interesting to close my PEL today?


I have had an ELP for 9 years. I have no real estate project in the years to come. So I'm considering closing it but I'm afraid of losing benefits. What do you recommend ? What will I benefit from if I close it today?

Is it interesting to keep it or is it better that I put my money in another booklet?

I thank you in advance for your response.


9-year PELs benefit from a very attractive rate of return, guaranteed for the duration of their ownership.
the capital is available beyond 4 years.
interest is net of tax until the 12th birthday but you are subject to social security contributions. After 12 years, this interest is taxed.
For available capital, you will not be able to obtain an interest rate equivalent to this PEL
. I therefore advise you to keep it as it is at least until the 12th birthday.

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