Question: How do I transfer money from my Paypal account to my youth book?

Question: How do I transfer money from my Paypal account to my youth book?

Hello to all,

I come to you because this site is really well done and the answers to the subjects proposed by Internet users are clear and precise and given by people whose job it is (or who know themselves relatively well). So there you go, I'm 16 (soon to be 17) and today I just opened a young savings account at Crédit Agricole (I hope I won't regret it...). The banker assured me that it was impossible for me to make transfers between my youth book and my Paypal account, which leads me to ask you these questions (in order to obtain confirmation because I have read different things on Internet..) :

-First of all, can you give me the different (bank) identity statements that exist (I have heard of the RIB, RIP, RICE, ...) as well as the type of product to which it corresponds (account , booklet, etc.)?

-Does a youth book have an IBAN (first option)?

-Can we get a RIB on a youth book (I need the bank code, the branch code, the account number (I have the number of my youth book) as well as the RIB code)?

Thanks in advance


A youth book is a savings account and not a current account, which is why the CA told you that it was not possible to make a transfer from this account, or to receive Paypal funds.

You will have to wait for your majority before opening a current account that will allow you to carry out all banking operations.

A RIB (bank identity statement) allows you to make an interbank transfer or direct debit in France. The RIB is composed of the bank code followed by the sort code followed by the 11-digit account number followed by a 2-digit RIB key .

the IBAN is composed of the RIB with the prefix FR + a bank number for France. It allows an interbank transfer to be made in Europe since all the European banks have adopted this mode of identification.

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