Question: bank account during divorce proceedings

Question: bank account during divorce proceedings


I want to know if we can open an account in the name of maiden before a divorce procedure is to deposit money there, does the husband have a right to his account, is he part of the community?

Then a Cameroonian friend to real estate that she sells the money from this sale can it go to the bank account in her maiden name, knowing that she will divorce in 2018.

should she donate half of this sale or keep all of it in her account opened in the maiden name

thank you for your reply

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Hello ,
A married woman has the right to open a bank account under her maiden name . That said, the assets deposited in this account will be part of the common property, which will be shared in the event of divorce.

As part of the fight against money laundering, I advise you not to deposit the proceeds of your friend's sale into this account.
1) In the absence of proof, your banker would declare this transaction to TRACFIN
2) In the event of divorce, the sum could be apprehended by the family court judge.

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