How is bladder exstrophy diagnosed?

How is bladder exstrophy diagnosed?

In a baby born with bladder exstrophy, their bladder often is sticking through the abdomen wall at birth. Providers may use MRIs or X-rays to confirm a bladder exstrophy diagnosis and check for other problems.

If a baby has epispadias, providers may detect it when the baby has frequent bladder infections or bladder control problems.

Sometimes, healthcare providers spot bladder exstrophy on an ultrasound or fetal MRI before birth. Signs that your baby may have bladder exstrophy include:

  • A bladder that doesn’t empty as expected.
  • Separated pubic bones (bones that form the pelvis).
  • Smaller-than-usual genitalia.
  • An umbilical cord that connects lower on the belly than usual.

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