How can I prevent ADHD?

How can I prevent ADHD?

There are certain risk factor categories for the development of ADHD, some of which can be changed, some that can’t. They are:

  • Heredity.
  • Biology.
  • Environment.
  • Prenatal exposure to toxic substances.

If you or your parents have ADHD, there is a higher probability that your children will, too. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done to prevent the genetics from ADHD expression. The same goes for biologic factors. People can be born with chemical imbalances or they can have adequately functioning neurotransmitters.

Environmental toxins have been linked to ADHD in children. Parents may have their home tested for lead, for example, to prevent lead poisoning which increases the risk of ADHD. Another way to help reduce the risk of ADHD is to avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs while pregnant with your child.

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