Am I better protected against viruses with a Mac?

Am I better protected against viruses with a Mac?

For a long time, there was a persistent rumor that Apple computer users would have an advantage in terms of virus protection. In fact, there are fewer attacks on Macs than on Windows computers. However, that's not because Apple devices have more sophisticated virus protection than devices with other operating systems.

The criminals have simply programmed their viruses to infect the majority of computers used around the world. Since most computers in the world are Windows computers, computer viruses mainly attack Windows systems.

By the way: one of the first computer viruses to be distributed over a network was developed for a Macintosh computer. His name was "Elk Cloner". A 15-year-old programmer was responsible for it.

Hence: Even if you are using an Apple computer, you should ensure that you have good virus protection in the form of an antivirus program, even though the majority of Internet viruses are developed for Windows computers.

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