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Survival rates and quality of life for conjoined twins depend entirely on how the two babies are connected. Here are the survival rates for each type:

  • Abdomen (omphalopagus): 82%.
  • Rump-to-rump (pyopagus): 68%.
  • Pelvis, facing each other (ischiopagus): 63%.
  • Chest (thoracopagus): Poor.
  • Pelvis, side-to-side (parapagus): Poor.
  • Top of head to bellybutton (cephalopagus): Poor.
  • Head only (craniopagus): Poor.
  • Vertebral column (rachipagus): Cannot be separated.

If separation surgery is attempted, only 60% of surgically separated conjoined twins survive. Healthcare providers can manage complications to improve the outlook for conjoined twins.


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