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It is difficult for scientists to establish a definition of death as a clinical state, but it is even more difficult to know what happens in the moments before and after death . The stories of those who have lived an NDE (near death experience) have reported common feelings but... Is it possible that we are influenced by our culture? Is death a reversible process? How does the body react to death?

The meaning of this so-called thanatotranscriptome is still obscure. As Noble explains to OpenMind, the activation of these genes could be part of the process of spontaneous disintegration of the organism. However, there is a more disturbing possibility, and that is that it is the fight of the body that tries not to die . "It could be proposed that some of these pathways have evolved to favor healing or resuscitation after severe damage, which would be a potential adaptive advantage," says Noble. In fact, she adds, many of those genes are related to processes such as the response to inflammation.

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