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Symptoms of congenital myopathy can vary depending on the type. They can be present at birth or develop throughout infancy and childhood. The most common symptoms of congenital myopathy include:

  • Floppiness (hypotonia): Loss of your child’s muscle tone that may progress over time.
  • Muscle weakness: Muscles in your child’s neck, shoulders and pelvis (proximal muscles) are most commonly affected.
  • Difficulty breathing: Feeling short of breath or like you can’t fill your lungs with air because of the weakness of breathing muscles.
  • Developmental delays: Milestones such as sitting up or turning over aren’t met as expected.
  • Feeding issues: Sucking from breast or bottle, eating from a spoon, chewing and drinking can all be abnormal and difficult.
  • Falling/stumbling: Toddlers may fall or stumble due to muscle weakness.


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