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Esotropia is caused by a lack of coordination of your eye muscles. Usually, your eye muscles work together, as a binocular system (“seeing with two eyes”). You can tell how close you are to something. It’s important for eyes to work together while you’re riding a bicycle or driving a car or reading.

People with esotropia are typically farsighted, meaning they can see things that are farther away more clearly than things that are closer. Sometimes, esotropia is a sign that you need glasses to correct farsightedness.

Esotropia is sometimes genetic. You may have other family members with misaligned eyes.

Esotropia can be a sign of other conditions, including:

  • A problem inside one or both eyes, such as a cataractretina or optic nerve problem.
  • An issue in your brain, such as elevated pressure or a brain tumor.
  • Neurological conditions, such as stroke and nerve damage from diabetes.
  • Eye injury.
  • Thyroid conditions.

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