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Compartment syndrome occurs when pressure rises in and around muscles. The pressure is painful and can be dangerous. Compartment syndrome can limit the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscles and nerves. It can cause serious damage and possible death.

Compartment syndrome occurs most often in the lower leg. But it can also impact other parts of the leg, as well as the feet, arms, hands, abdomen (belly) and buttocks.

Compartment syndrome is a painful condition, with muscle pressure reaching dangerous levels. Acute compartment syndrome is a medical emergency, usually caused by trauma, like a car accident or broken bone. Chronic (or exertional) compartment syndrome is caused by intense, repetitive exercise and usually stops with rest or changes in routine.
If you think you have acute compartment syndrome after an injury, seek medical care immediately. Also talk to a healthcare provider if you have unusual pain, swelling or weakness in your muscles that keeps coming back. It may turn out to be tendinitis or shin splints, but you should check to make sure. It could be chronic compartment syndrome. A healthcare provider can suggest strategies to help you feel better and prevent damage to your nerves and muscles.


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