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Motor skills are specific movements of the muscles of the body and are used to perform certain tasks, such as writing, walking, painting, walking, practicing yoga, manipulating machines and devices, among many others.

Examples of motor skills:

To crawl.

Jump with one foot or jump an obstacle.



Play with an interlocking toy.

Climb the stairs.

To run.

jump an obstacle

Operate a vehicle or machinery.

Play a competitive sport, such as volleyball.

The motor skill consists of an acquired or learned capacity of the human being that allows to improve the movement, control, coordination and precision of the actions that he carries out with his body. It is a process that practices and develops in the different stages of life.

The ability to move or motor is triggered by the central nervous system that sends the stimuli for muscle contraction. The innate aptitude and the development capacity of the individual influence the degree of facility that it will have to perform motor skills.


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