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Unlike trading in options, securities and futures, trading in currencies is carried out without a single center and a specially created regulatory body. At first glance, such a non-standard organization of the trading process should bring confusion and chaos, but in fact, the competition of traders among themselves and the independent regulation of trade gives excellent results.

In the Forex market, there are no restrictions on the size of trading positions (as in the futures market), just as there is no “plus tick” stock exchange rule, according to which a security can only be sold at a higher price than the previous transaction price.

Insider trading? This concept simply does not exist in the foreign exchange market, and most of the economic indicators become known to traders even before they are officially published. Adding to all of the above the high liquidity of the Forex market, its coverage and round-the-clock trading, it becomes clear why the foreign exchange market is called the most accessible market in the world.


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