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There are a few simple tips to help keep your hearing when using headphones.
First, you should carefully control the volume level in your headphones and always try to make the sound a little quieter.

To determine if the sound comes out of the headphones at an acceptable volume level, you need to say a few words aloud. If you can't hear your own voice through the headphones, turn the volume down.

Second, it's best to avoid in-ear headphones because they are the most harmful to human hearing. Use closed headphones that allow you not to reach a dangerous volume.

Thirdly, you need to give your ears a rest. On average, when using conventional headphones, you can listen to music without harm to your health at a volume slightly above half of the maximum for an hour a day. For most in-ear headphones, the safe listening time is exactly halved.

And fourthly, stop smoking! Smoking doubles the risk of hearing loss after prolonged exposure to noise.

Remember! Hearing loss restoration is a long, expensive and painful process!


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