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“You need to focus on your subjective feelings - with obvious discomfort in the groin and legs, it is still better to wear underpants. If the situation is such that it is comfortable without them, additional protection of the external genitalia should not be worn. Frost itself does not cause inflammatory diseases, but it can be a provoking factor,” explains Artem Loktev. Doctors do not have recommendations at what temperature it is necessary to wear underpants, but it is obvious that at -40 ° C it will hardly be pleasant without them.

Frostbite of the vulva is extremely rare , and for this you need to really try. One man did this by applying ice to his genitals for three weeks. Another man just went out for a run in light clothes in -8 ° C and strong wind and also got frostbite on his genitals (but everything ended well!).

“In the office, it’s better to take off your underpants,” continues Artem Loktev. “High humidity, high temperatures, lack of ventilation can all contribute to the growth of bacteria, skin diseases and odor.”


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