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  • The skin needs to be properly hydrated. “If creams contain a lot of water, it should have time to evaporate or be absorbed before a person is on the street,” explains Anastasia Ugryumova, dermatologist at the European Medical Center. - If the water does not have time to be absorbed, then it remains on the surface of the skin, freezes, ice microcrystals form, which lead to irritation. (For the same reason, kissing in the cold can also have unpleasant consequences.) Therefore, it is recommended to apply special protective creams 20-30 minutes before going outside. Or don't apply at all." If the skin is dry, doctors recommend using creams with urea, lactic acid, or glycerin. Them  better Apply after shower and several times a day. Vaseline can also be used, especially if the skin is cracked.
  • Maintain normal humidity at home.
  • Cover all possible areas of the skin when you go outside.
  • Use mild skin cleansers.
  • Less contact with water.


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