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It is better to immediately accept the fact that there is little chance of success. If you have recently been exposed to a virus, the body can quickly deal with it, and in other cases it is very likely that you will become infected.

With influenza and SARS, a person is contagious already a day before the first symptoms appear. It is most dangerous in the first two to four days from the onset of symptoms (for sick children this period is longer ). With influenza, a person does not pose a threat to others a day after the temperature has become normal. You can slightly reduce your chances of getting sick in the following ways:

  • Keep a distance of two meters from the person. Even when he's just breathing , he's most likely spreading viruses.
  • Wash your hands frequently .
  • Disinfect surfaces that the sick person touches.
  • Teach the sick person how to sneeze and cough properly.


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