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By itself, a draft cannot cause an infection - it is caused by viruses . No virus, no disease. Drafts (even summer ones) are feared in many countries, because the peak of SARS occurs in the cold season. From this, a completely logical conclusion is drawn - cold leads to SARS. In fact, this is not the case, although, of course, there is a connection between cold and infections. So far, scientists do not know exactly how to properly explain this connection. The most popular assumptions look something like this:

  • It's all about the dry air - it seems to interfere with the mucous membranes to effectively defend themselves against viruses.
  • The thing is that in the cold season people spend more time indoors (including due to the fact that the school year begins, and children, who are already sick more often than adults, effectively spread viruses among classmates).
  • The thing is that viruses spread more successfully in the cold.


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