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CBCL stage describes whether the cancer has spread and how much. The stage is important because it guides treatment decisions. Your healthcare provider will explain what stage the cancer is in and what it means for you.

Stage 1E (for extranodal) affects only your skin and hasn’t spread anywhere else. It may also be called stage 1AE if you have no additional “B” symptoms, such as weight loss.

If CBCL has spread, healthcare providers use the TNM staging system:

  • Tumor: “T” documents the number of papules, nodules or tumors, how big they are and where they are. The numbered scale ranges from less to more serious (1 to 3).
  • Nodes: “N” indicates whether lymph nodes are involved, how many and where they are. The scale ranges from less to more serious (0 to 3).
  • Metastasis: “M” refers to whether lymphoma has metastasized (spread) beyond your skin or lymph nodes (M1) or not spread (M0).