10 actions to take care of biodiversity.

10 actions to take care of biodiversity.

The word biodiversity refers to the enormous number of life forms that inhabit our planet.

Actions that states can take to care for biodiversity :

Promote inclusive economic policies by adopting practices that integrate conservation needs and development priorities.

Encourage sustainable food production.

Promote the creation of protected areas to safeguard natural ecosystems

Have comprehensive fire management policies.

Give incentives to the use of renewable energies to the detriment of those that come from fossil fuels.

Individual actions that we citizens can do to protect biodiversity :

Recycle to avoid producing excess garbage

Reduce the amount of waste produced (avoid unnecessary packaging, for example),

Reuse by giving the objects we consume as much utility as possible before they need to be discarded.

Choose renewable energies whenever possible

Consume water rationally and efficiently

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